Stellaluna Tour Blog: Los Angeles Pt. II (The Smell)

Posted on 04/27/2009


Full of fried comfort food, we rushed over to the Smell to make it in time to load-in. Jim had warned me about roads being chaotic because of some festival downtown, but I didn’t realize that it would block off a million streets surrounding the Smell. We still got there in time, but had to pay eight dollars for parking, when usually you can find street parking off of 3rd or something. YUCK!

The show itself was awesome! I was so happy with the turn-out and how things ran. I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of support that Stellaluna got from total strangers– specifically a group of foreign exchange students from UCLA (from Argentina, Japan, Italy, and France) whom had found me online somehow and came out to see me. They had never been to the Smell before and were really sweet and awesome. Every band sounded awesome, too. Jon had a little bit of sound trouble, but it was still one of the best sets I have ever seen him play. Chris was chaotic and engaging as usual. Cardiac Party played one of the best sets I have ever seen them play in four years. Treasure Mammal is always great, especially when accompanied by Corey Fogel. Lucky Dragons BLEW ME AWAY! And, I am pretty sure that it was the best Stellaluna and the Mango Tree (full-band) performance to date. I wasn’t even freaked out and nervous like I always am! It also helped that two of my best friends of 10 years were sitting right in front of me. =) A  good night all around.

Nicole Kidman:


Stellaluna (photos by Jon):

Cardiac Party:

I kind of had a brain-fart and didn’t take pictures of Treasure Mammal and Lucky Dragons just because I was too into them and didn’t think to go and grab my camera. SO GOOD THOUGH!

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