Stellaluna Tour Blog: Santa Barbara

Posted on 04/28/2009


I always love coming to Santa Barbara because some of my favorite people live here! A few years ago I met Josh and Rebecca Redman, the creative brother-sister duo behind Watercolor Paintings and KCSB’s 5, 4, 3, 2…Fun! We have gone back and forth from California and Arizona over the years playing shows with each other, hanging out, and just visiting for no reason sometimes too. Needless to say when Josh set up the show at the Furnice, I was very excited. Stellaluna had played in SB back in December and it was one of my most favorite shows ever– it was very great to see a lot of familiar faces and friends that I had made the last time I was here.

After grabbing some dinner at an Indian fast food place called Naan Stop (pretty cute), we loaded our stuff into what ended up being my friend Mallory’s house (of Girl Band). Naomi, Omer, Andy, and others soon began to pop up, including six of our friends from the Inland Empire whom had decided to make the two hour drive to see us again!

The show was a lot of fun. Very cozy and welcoming; definitely the kind of vibe that I needed after experiencing the worst cramps of my life in the car. The lineup was: Awkward Starfish, Nicole Kidman, Whitman, Stellaluna, and Oh Goodness.

Awkward Starfish:

My friend from high school, Omer and his friend Raul (left)!

Naomi, Rebecca, and Mallory of Girl Band– missing Michelle!!

Nicole Kidman:

Josh (in the back), myself, and Dreita!

Stellaluna (first time solo on this tour…sad!)

Daniel’s really awesome CHEESE HAT!

Kyle (Oh, Goodness):

Ricky, a nice boy I met here in December came to the show and I asked him to play me that song he has about Hoshwa!

After the show we piled into cars and followed Josh back to Rebecca’s where she was nice enough to let us crash. After my first good night’s sleep in five days, we woke up and was made an awesome vegan breakfast by Caitlyn whom I had met at my last show in Berkley last winter! Now it’s time for downtime, getting things ready to go, and mailing out orders before playing a few songs on Rebecca’s show on KCSB from 1p.m-2p.m.!

I miss Ryan. A lot.

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