Stellaluna Tour Blog: West Covina

Posted on 04/28/2009


Jon lives in West Covina and does house shows in his pool house. He calls it the Ports O’ Call Bedroom and it is RAD. The first time I went there was after the 5th Annual Cochina Festival last year and I have played there about six times since then. It always feels like that bar in Cheers (which I think is called Cheers, I don’t even know), and something weird and/or funny always happens. 

The lineup was: Ancient Crux, Nicole Kidman, Whitman, Stellaluna, and Voice on Tape. 

Ancient Crux: 

Nicole Kidman: 


Steve playing with Whitman: 


David J (Novi Split) came to see me and it was great hanging out. I was super excited because I have seen him play like 20 times and he came to see meeeee! 

More later. I’m in Santa Barbara right now and there is an Omer that needs hugs from me!

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