Stellaluna Tour Blog: Davis

Posted on 05/10/2009


I am behind on this thing. I have been back from tour almost a week now…flew from Sacramento to Phoenix last Saturday because of some tour issues that caused us to cut the last three shows on our tour route. Everything is alright though! Some people just had some personal things to deal with that made traveling a little iffy. Anyway, the day after the Napa show we spent most of the day hanging out. I jammed with Hannah and it was pretty cute.

Hannah got so good, she made a cameo during David (A Good Pillow)’s set:

The last time I played in Davis at the Robot Rocket Residence, David helped set it up and I made him promise me that he would play the next time that I came through on tour. I was very glad he did! Jon played after him and I think it was the best I had seen him to on the whole tour. He was just more in your face/open about things. He took the elephant head off half-way and played songs that he usually plays with it on…very intense. Needless to say, I was sad that he and I would be parting ways after his set because Jamie was gracious enough to drive us to Davis that night and I was staying behind.

I played after him and had a really good time.

In the morning my best friend Fuzz and I went to Delta f Venus for coffee and breakfast then to the awesome Farmer’s Market where I coveted things I wanted but could not transport on the plane. Then we walked around the UC Davis campus in the rain and it was pretty cool.

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